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Thursday, September 21, 2023


Roundtable: Are protests justified or a waste of time?

Campus protests have been happening in force since the 1960s and will continue as long as injustice exists. Universities are a mecca for young people who want their voices to be heard. Below, The Cougar’s opinion staff gives its take on whether campus protesting is effective or just a waste of time.

Dana C. Jones, opinion editor

Student advocacy is most important when it comes to protest or social change in any direction, whether it be on the left or right. We are the ones who are going to shape the world, and we have to deal with the country in whatever condition the older generation leaves it. Campuses are the best place to cultivate such responses because they always contain a pool of differences in opinions.

Mia Valdez, assistant opinion editor

We always have to operate from an understanding that all protests are justified and necessary to the success of a free, democratic country. When people claim that protests are inconvenient, it comes off as self-righteous. The dismissal of protests as annoying displays has been used to oppress and undermine powerful protests brought necessary change.

Anusheh Siddique, senior staff writer

Protests on campus strengthen the culture of universities by preserving the innate value of being American and receiving the protections of the First Amendment. A rally on campus allows the students to not only further educate themselves on an array of causes, but also contributes to the awareness that is inherent with being a true patriot.

Alana N. Miller, staff writer

Butler Plaza is the hot spot on campus where groups gather for whatever cause. At times, people will debate with members of certain organizations, especially those that are perceived to spew hateful rhetoric. Yeah, it can be annoying to try to get to class pushing past 50 angry people in Butler Plaza, but these protests are justified.

Jackie Wostrel, staff writer

Protests are essential to campus culture. The exchange of ideas isn’t just in classrooms. Protests are an opportunity for people to persuade and inform other students — to make changes to something they are passionate about. They are supposed to grab your attention, but that also doesn’t mean  the protesters are forcing you to pay attention.

The opinion staff may be contacted at [email protected].

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