Technical skill is necessary for students now, in their careers

University of Houston students utilize one of the many computer labs on campus to complete assignments. With the rising demand for technically proficient employees, the UH should work to work to ensure all their students are skilled in advanced technology, including the non-tech based majors. | Lino Sandil/The Cougar

Today most careers require some type of technical skill due to the increasing reliance on technology to increase efficiency in the workplace.

This isn’t limited to careers revolved around technology. Accountants use technology to organize a company’s spending, doctors track their patients’ health with the use of technology, online marketers create websites to advertise a company’s product and so on.

With this in mind, you may think the University of Houston is taking action to prepare students for their desired careers by encouraging tech-related courses in every major.


Not only do most non-tech degree plans at the University of Houston exclude any tech relevant courses, but majors that require an advanced understanding of technology don’t contain enough tech courses needed to aid the desired careers of students.

Tech-relevant courses should be a requirement in every major at UH and should be offered more in majors that aren’t necessarily tech jobs but have high importance in technology. Core courses and other required electives are implemented with the intention to provide knowledge students can use in their desired career field.

According to a 2017 analysis done by Burning Glass and Oracle Academy, about half of the best paid jobs use advanced computer skills. Learning more about technology will only help benefit the success of a student’s career.

Another reason universities implement general education courses is to help students discover a hidden passion for many popular fields; technology courses should be viewed the same way if not more.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and technology jobs have the highest growth within any occupation. There are many more tech jobs than graduates, so why can’t the university help students reveal interest in these jobs over the others?

Understanding technology will also help students with their day-to-day college life. Like many universities, the UH is implementing more opportunities for digital learning for students and slowly removing the traditional learning they have always used. Understanding more about technology can benefit the student in the digital lifestyles they encounter.

Some students may not find technology to be important for their career or day-to-day college life, but most do. Technology majors have almost doubled from 2010 to 2016, which can indicate there is a popular preference many students have towards technology.

Most students also favor technology to be their primary aid in college. According to a 2016 McGraw-Hill study, roughly 80 percent of students feel technology has improved their education, saved time and boosted their grades.

It’s time for UH to realize the importance of requiring students to take tech relevant courses. Having a lack of understanding of technology will not only affect graduates but will have a higher impact in the future.

Students need to begin viewing technology courses like English or Math courses, and this can only be done through the university integrating more tech courses into their education system.

Zachary Habab is a management information systems freshman who can be reached at [email protected]

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