Campus Coronavirus News

Buildings will remain under controlled access while stay-at-home order is active

Buildings on campus will remain under controlled access until at least April 30 while Harris County’s stay-at-home order remains active.

Associate Vice President of Strategic Communications Mike Rosen said in an email the original measures the University implemented apply to the extended stay-at-home order.

“Regarding the University as a whole, I would say we’ve all become much more adept at digital, remote communication tools and as much as we would all like to get back to campus, we know this is a necessary course of action,” Rosen said.

The University is continuing to provide essential services to those remaining on campus and student residents.

Dining services, maintenance upkeep, increased sanitization protocols and campus security continue to provide operate on campus.

“Buildings remain under controlled access and that access is being closely monitored to ensure that only essential business is being conducted on-site, such as that related to research,” Rosen said.

CAPS is among many services being offered remotely, Rosen said.

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