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Saturday, December 9, 2023


Wearing pajamas to class is a symbol for our transition into adulthood

Gerald Sastra/ The Cougar

Gerald Sastra/ The Cougar

In American universities it is common to see students occasionally wearing pajamas to class, but when it comes to their international counterparts, pajamas aren’t worn in classrooms or even considered as attire for public gatherings. 

The trend of wearing pajamas to school goes back to elementary by having a day called “Wear Your PJs to Class.” This is something most of us enjoyed and even started to wear them during the most stressful days of grade school. 

But as young American students slowly start entering the professional world, should they stop wearing their cozy pajamas to class? Should we shed something that symbolizes our youth?

I don’t think students should stop wearing pajamas to class; from observation, I’ve seen students  wear their pajamas every once in a while, but students tend to wear comfy clothes like sweats, a t-shirt slightly tucked in and a jean jacket. 

The university attire is all about comfort, something you can easily move around in since students often have busy schedules packed with back to back activities such as classes, study sessions on or off-campus and meetings/events for clubs and organizations. 

There has been debate on whether wearing pajamas affect students in their ability to learn. My answer is no, because a piece of clothing doesn’t affect one’s ability to learn. Students are all about feeling comfortable, especially with having a long day of classes and studying ahead.

Wearing pajamas doesn’t negatively affect our academic success. From what I’ve seen, students who do wear pajamas do just as well in school as the rest of their peers who don’t wear pajamas to class.

The idea of wearing pajamas to class symbolizes youth while college students are entering adulthood by being on a college campus and gaining independence. College students are young and want to joke around, and sometimes not care about what they’re wearing from time to time. 

I feel like it shouldn’t be that big of a deal when students decide to wear pajamas to class because it is harmless and doesn’t necessarily bother anyone from what I’ve seen. It is a conservation starter amongst peers and can even spark friendships. 

Since it is a college campus, people are often in their world and don’t care about who wears what and when, unless there is a job fair or a presentation.

So as we enter adulthood and the professional world, don’t be hesitant about wearing  your pajamas to class as it symbolizes the crossroads of childhood and adulthood.

Saira Haque is an anthropology junior who can be reached at [email protected]

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