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How students can use bullet journals to help with organization, creativity

Shivani Parmar/The Cougar

Shivani Parmar/The Cougar

Being a student means having a busy life but that should not stop you from staying organized and on top of your work.

Bullet journaling is an activity that has been beneficial for students to stay on task with their many activities and buried schedules.

This activity encourages people to customize their notebook in whatever way will benefit their needs and personalize it by creating your own planner, schedule, or notes. Whether it be a food diary, school planner, work schedules or fitting everything into one,  you have the capability to create whatever you when you make your own.

Bullet journaling was created by Ryder Caroll, who was diagnosed with learning disabilities growing up, forcing him to develop a new methodology to stay focused and be productive. 

This laid the foundations for modern-day bullet journaling.

There are a multitude of benefits bullet journaling has the potential for. For one, it is a haven for visual people. You have everything laid out to see as well as organized to your liking. 

In addition, it can spark productivity as it did for Caroll. When you aren’t using a premade planner, you are forced to take initiative. This can promote an active mind for other activities.

On top of keeping up with short term deadlines, you can work ahead and write down long term goals and deadlines.

Embarking off on your bullet journal journey can be daunting, but here is an easy way to get started. Create an outline and have an idea about what you want to include. Decide whether you want to make an hourly, weekly or monthly calendar.

Additionally, an important part of this journey is to schedule a time to keep up with it. It’s important to consider if it’s best for you to keep up with your journal once a month, every few days, or before the start of the new month.

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