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Monday, December 11, 2023


The ultimate downfall of online classes

Because the pandemic is forcing students to take online classes, in the future they will be hesitant, if not opposed to taking them this format again.| Christopher Charleston/The Cougar

Because the pandemic is forcing students to take online classes, in the future they will be hesitant, if not opposed, to taking them in this format again. | Christopher Charleston/The Cougar

There is no doubt that Fall 2020 will be a challenge for many. Numerous students feel like they’re being forced to take online classes, causing the loss of motivation and lack of excitement for the upcoming semester.

As we continue on and enter back into the classroom, there is no doubt that an online alternative for most classes in UH’s 13 departments will be offered for those who may need the option. 

Here’s the question to consider: when we’re back in the classroom, will online classes lead to resentment in taking them again?

My answer is yes. Students won’t even consider for a minute whether to take some of their coursework online. 

Online classes are our only safe option as the wind has changed within the last couple weeks due to the rise of COVID-19 cases all across the southern United States.

Once students start entering the classroom, they won’t be taking online classes for a very long time. With online classes, people feel lost, unmotivated and unable to talk to friends and other classmates. 

Students who naturally thrive in a traditional classroom filled with group discussion, projects, weekly group study sessions and one-to-one attention from the professor and other peers often find it extremely difficult to adjust an online setting; this not only affects their grades but the same goes with their mental health. Ongoing changes can lead to depression and anxiety. 

Not only is there a loss of connecting with peers and other classmates, but your professors as well. Professors have a long line of networking and connections.

Being in a traditional classroom helps you build a connection with a professor who pursued the same journey as you and many other students.

These educators can guide you throughout your undergraduate career and down the line when it comes to looking for internships, jobs and other educational opportunities. 

While it’s great to see other options and online alternatives for students, the future of online courses and schoolwork won’t be seeing positive reactions, at least for now.

Saira Haque is an anthropology junior who can be reached at [email protected]

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