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Density feature on UH Go app aids social distancing on campus

Juana Garcia/The Cougar

The UH Go app adopted some new features since the University shifted operations in March. These features, including a density map, are helping to maintain social distancing and other coronavirus prevention measures.

When students visit the UH Go app, there is an icon labeled Coog Strong with these new features including the density map.

The density map operates using the UH Wi-Fi network by measuring the amount of devices connected to any of the 5,000 wireless access points across campus every three minutes.

An algorithm is then used to determine how many people there are in a particular area, taking into account the average number devices each person may have.

In order to verify if the collected data is correct, UHIT will go to targeted sites and ensure that the number of people per area is accurate.

The data collected is then used to measure how crowded the room is based on the area’s social distancing capacity.

“We check the spaces on a regular basis to make sure that we are accurate and have worked with the UH employees that oversee the spaces so they know how to report obvious discrepancies,” said David Johnson, assistant vice president of Technology Services.

Johnson said that the feature isn’t meant to be exact and is only to help students make educated decisions on where they decide to go on campus.

The UH Go app offers other resources for students including options for non-contact dining on campus and a self assessment tool for students. 

UH spokesperson Shawn Lindsey said students should utilize the feedback function on the app if they would like to see more features on the app pertaining to coronavirus information.

Lindsey said aside from the information provided on the app, there are also practices that have been recommended since the pandemic began such as washing hands, wearing a mask and social distancing.

“It is incumbent on all members of our campus community to take personal responsibility, comply with the guidelines and understand the role we all must play to stop the spread of COVID-19,” Lindsey said.

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