CASA rolls out new format for online exams

CASA developed a new exam monitor that provides faculty with an alternative format for remote testing. | Sydney Rose/The Cougar

Earlier this month, CASA was able to begin online proctored exams for the fall semester, allowing professors to be able to monitor students through cameras and screen capturing technology.

According to CASA, the monitor is web-based and records the device’s screen and the webcam while a student is sitting in an exam. Student’s don’t need to download anything on their device since the monitor runs through the device’s browser.

UH Media Relations said that the CASA Monitor was approved by UHIT and since it’s been developed in-house, it will be at no cost to UH or its students.

“It is important that students familiarize themselves with CASA Monitor prior to their exam so that they know how to follow the instructions to share their computer screen and web camera prior to the exam,” said CASA director Jeff Morgan.

Morgan said before exams, faculty will be provided a link to give to students in order for them to practice using the CASA Monitor before their test date.

The practice link provides information to students such as which browsers and devices are compatible with the monitor, which exam materials need to be shown to the webcam, as well as the monitor requesting to access the webcam and screen record.

In the practice session, CASA informs students of potential issues that might occur under particular circumstances. They also tell students to screenshot any errors they come across and send it to the CASA Tech Support email.

Other options for remote testing would include the Respondus Monitor. According to UH Media Relations, this particular method is only meant for Blackboard exams and isn’t optimal for professors that want to allow students to use other resources for their exams.

CASA Monitor is a method of remote testing that is more flexible in that it can be used for testing on or off the Blackboard platform and can allow students to use the resources allotted to them by their professors.

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