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Students celebrate Valentine’s Day in pandemic

Valentine's day Juana Garcia/The Cougar

Juana Garcia/The Cougar

Whether the celebration consists of a night with friends or a date with a significant other, the pandemic has students finding accommodations for Valentine’s Day plans.

As a holiday used to celebrate love, many students choose to spend it with friends, family or that special someone. While the pandemic is still on-going, social distancing and virtual plans have been the latest Valentine’s Day trends.

“This Valentine’s I’m staying in (and) making a platter with my boyfriend,” said psychology sophomore Stephanie Fuentes-Moreno. “Then there’s cheesy movies and face masks to unwind.”

For a chance to watch movies with other people this season of love, students are using apps such as Netflix Party or Zoom to be in different places, but still be together.

There are many holiday movies to fit the occasion such as “Valentine’s Day” or “Love, Actually.” This, as well as any romantic comedy, will tie the mood together no matter who you are with.

Movie nights and snacks are not the only one to go this Valentine’s Day. Social distancing still allows couples and friends to safely celebrate the day with other activities.

“My boyfriend and I normally celebrate Valentine’s Day by going out to dinner,” said journalism senior Sofia Gonzalez. “The pandemic did not really change our plans too much this year because everything is opening up again.”

Gonzalez and her boyfriend are not doing as much as they would like in light of the pandemic. They are getting sushi for dinner and exploring a new interactive museum in Houston, she said.

This Valentine’s Day is special to Gonzalez, even amid everything happening in the world, because she gets to celebrate more than two years with her boyfriend.

“This holiday actually means a lot,” Gonzalez said. “I came from a toxic relationship and not loving myself as much as I do now, and being with this boyfriend means everything to me, so the fact that I am actually getting shown love on Valentine’s Day is amazing.”

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