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Sunday, June 4, 2023

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Vinyl records coming back to popularity with new generation

Juana Garcia/The Cougar

Juana Garcia/The Cougar

As music evolves over time, so does the way we listen. But as vinyl record players become popular with the new generation, we see examples of new music in retro listening methods arise.

An aesthetic many teenagers and those apart of Generation Z are trying to accomplish is attracting things that are deemed vintage. This can be seen in the clothing they wear, room decorations they buy or records they listen to.

“I like the authenticity of a record, and as it ages you hear the little crackles,” said journalism senior Desiree Cantu.

The appeal of listening to music on a record player can come from the sound quality. Many say the sound of a record playing can not be compared to what’s offered on a CD or a streaming service on your phone.

Vinyls continue to prove they are not a thing of the past as sales for artist’s new albums are more prominent on vinyl, outperforming CDs.

The youth taking up the timeless act of listening to a vinyl may be why the relevance has remained for the early 20th century feature, but it is the generations who lived during the peak of record playing and have collected vinyls that help the popularity.

Collecting vinyls requires a lot of care though. This goes into keeping them pristine, preserving them and making sure the music quality remains above all else.

Collecting and listening to vinyl records has spread to the younger generations through social media and media outlets geared towards that age group. Students saying applications such as Tumblr or articles from Buzzfeed are the reason they began listening to vinyls.

Even with the increase of vinyl lovers, it seems streaming platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music are a portion of the reason for record shops going out of business.

Another reason is the current ongoing pandemic as less people are going out to buy records to listen to, staying safe with the comfort of listening to music on their phone from home.

Even with in-person shops that have been long standing since the height of record sales losing traction, vinyl collectors and listeners are seeking product online through websites such as Amazon and Urban Outfitters.

However, as the music industry changes and evolves, vinyls seem to remain a vital piece of it, even as the years go on.

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