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SGA Supreme Court disqualifies entire party in unprecedented ruling

The SGA Supreme Court ruled early this morning that all members of the #RiseUp party have been disqualified from the 2021 election.

The ruling came after a hearing for two complaints that were filed against #RiseUp in late February.

The complaints regarded illegal campaigning in the student center citing videos posted by the SGA party. The videos exhibited candidates wearing masks with their party’s brand on them, breaking the election code.

Another complaint cited a supporter of the #RiseUp party engaging in threatening language towards the student action party on social media. This broke four election codes in the process, presenting as a Class A violation.

The rank-choice voting system will have the votes cast for the #RiseUp party be distributed to the other eligible candidates

“This is the first time in SGA history that an entire party has been disqualified,” said SGA election commissioner Chiamaka Chukwu.The Supreme Court ruling serves as a warning to future Student Government candidates that the Student Government Association will not tolerate voter intimidation or suppression of any kind.”

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