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Wednesday, October 4, 2023


UH students weigh in on summer mandatory fees returning

mandatory fees

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As the spring semester nears its close, UH reveals they are not waiving mandatory fees for the summer term.

Last year, the University waived fees for its summer sessions as a way to provide financial relief for students. 

Students who took six credit hours or more had all mandatory fees waived, while those taking less than six had all mandatory fees, but the extended access fee waived.

For students who took advantage of the reduced prices, such as nutrition senior Ghazal Mirhashemi, the waivers helped relieve their stress about their financial situation.

“For me, it was, and currently is difficult to get a job while fearful of the virus,” said Mirhashemi. “Even with Texas businesses being open, I had a hard time making money.”

While it provided relief for students, the UH Office of Student Business Services reveals the fees will return for students this upcoming summer.

Therefore, instead of paying the discounted rate, students should expect to pay the full price for their courses.

However, Mirhashemi believes with courses being online, the discounted pricing should remain.

“UH should continue to waive mandatory fees because most of people’s classes are online,” she said. “Paying money as if we are attending classes in person and using resources is wrong and not worth it.”

In addition to online courses, pre-pharmacy senior Asma Al-Mallah mentions other factors, such as the coronavirus pandemic, should be considered.

“UH should waive the mandatory fees this summer because although people are getting vaccinated, the pandemic is not over yet,” said Al-Mallah.

 “Everything is unknown, so I say waiving the fees will help students use this money elsewhere in their life.”

Al-Mallah explains the pandemic continues to affect people in various ways, especially with their finances.

“Lots of people lost their jobs due to the pandemic, so they might be saving the mandatory fee money to buy a car to get to campus or to pay rent to have a roof over their heads,” she said. “A lot of factors come into play.”

While there is no word on if UH will later revert their decision as they did with their interim grading policy, Mirhashemi hopes they will.

“Waiving the fees will lift a small burden on many students’ shoulders,” she said. 

“Not having to worry about fees is a great way to concentrate. The main goal is to complete our degrees and provide the means of less stress.”

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