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Friday, August 12, 2022


What to do if you’re not a big party person

Not a party person

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College is about a fresh start, and with that comes new freedoms including going to parties and clubs. But, if you’re not a person who is particularly fond of the party scene, there are tons of other options for you to explore this newfound freedom and make friends. 

Food, drinks and coffee

Houston is known for its food, recently being recognized as a food capital of the country. If you’re the type of person who wants to taste almost every type of cuisine without incurring the expense of plane tickets and hotel stays, Houston is where it’s at. 

Start your night out in Chinatown near Bellaire and Westpark Tollway. You can grab chicken skewers and bubble tea, or you can go big and splurge on a hot pot meal and bubble tea. Bubble tea is a must! 

Next, if you’re looking for dessert, you could stop by Westheimer Street near the Galleria Mall and grab a sweet Mediterranean pastry like baklava.

If you decided to eat earlier and just want to grab some drinks, head over to Montrose where there’s often a stand-up comedy show or even a trivia night. 

Earlier in the day though, you could hit up a coffee shop like Brass Tacks or Common Bond, and read a book or get some homework done in a lively and dynamic atmosphere.

The great outdoors

Sometimes, when you spend all day indoors attending classes, you may have a craving for some Vitamin D as a party alternative.

There are a few places around Houston that are easy to get to through a car or public transportation that could get you some fresh air. Check out Eleanor Tinsley Park on Allen Parkway or Hermann Park near Rice University. Go ahead and pack a lunch or snack while you’re there, and take a deck of cards or a ball to throw around with you too. 

You can also take a walk at the Houston Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. Check out different types of plant life and flora, while also taking a relaxing nature walk. The same works with animals at the Houston Zoo. Be sure to take your student ID with you, and you may even get a discount. 

Reading and learning

If you just feel like you need a quiet space to collect your thoughts, check out any of the Houston library branches. By securing a quick membership, you have access to any book you want in the Houston area and access to a number of book signings, book clubs or even shows.

If you just want to hang out and read, the River Oaks Bookstore, Quarter Price Books or any local Barnes and Noble store will give you a quiet space to disappear into a book. 

Reading may not be your thing though, so stop by any of the museums in the Museum District. All located near one another, you can hop between the science, contemporary arts and modern arts museums and just learn about the history of art or the science behind everyday functions.

There are many ways to enjoy the college experience without clubs or a party. Find your niche and conquer this new chapter of your life.

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