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Thursday, August 5, 2021

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Study spots available this fall for various student needs

study spots

Juana Garcia/The Cougar

Whether it’s crunch time for midterms, or you just need a place to wind down and get some assignments done, there are many study spots on campus to sit down and get productive.

Quiet places

If you’re looking for a quiet place to study and get in the zone, these are the places you might want to try.

The blue and brown wings of the M.D. Anderson Library are a ways from the noise, but are perfect for long study sessions.

There are individual study rooms for the more secluded learners in the blue wings, as well as individual cubicles that’ll help box you in from other students wandering about.

Brown wings are located on floors two through five, and blue wings are accessible on floors two through eight.

Other quiet spaces include the computer labs on the first floor, the south lab behind the service desk and the north lab on the opposite side of the entrance.

Spots for caffeine boosts and light snacks

It’s okay if you’re in need of a little coffee, and maybe a nice muffin, and in that case there’s an abundance of places offering a place to sit and munch on your treats while studying.

If you want to admire the artsy decor and spectacular drink names, head on over to The Nook Cafe located across from University Lofts. There are plenty of tables, bean bags and outdoor seating areas that will help you grind for your exams or for your leisure. 

Cougar Grounds is a short trek away from the Welcome Center Garage, inside the Hilton College, between the Student Centers and Cougar Village I. Whether you’re there for a cup of coffee or for their breakfast items, Cougar Grounds is a good place to catch a quick bite with friends and check up on some emails. 

There’s another location located in the Health 2 building on the second floor.

Social spaces

If quiet spaces aren’t what you’re looking for, here are some study spots that have a nice ambience for when you need a little background noise.

The third floor of the M.D. Anderson Library is a designated social space where students can interact without noise restrictions, but can also stay productive.

The Legacy Lounge located in Student Center South, has many tables and seating areas where students can spend their time socializing or getting work done, without all of the echoing noises from the dining area across the building.

If you get lucky, a student might even take up the piano and start playing some relaxing music to study to.

Collaborative spaces

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, group study rooms at the M.D. Anderson Library are currently closed, but there are other spaces in the library that cater to larger groups.

The second floor, although it has a stricter voice level restriction, is a good place to get together with a study group. White boards are available for students to use for collaborative work

If there’s a need for a more private setting, there are study rooms on the second floor of Student Center South that are available for UH students to reserve for groups.

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