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Friendsgiving planning for students made easy


Juana Garcia/The Cougar

A festive way to celebrate friendship this fall is by throwing a Friendsgiving. With help from all your friends, setting up one can be fairly simple and inexpensive.


Everyone should agree on what food will be served. Take into consideration if anyone has allergies or preferences to certain ingredients, that way each person can enjoy a meal that night.

For Friendsgiving, it’s easier to bring appetizers or bite-sized dishes to the table so everyone can grab a little bit of everything and still socialize. 

Stuffing bites, sweet potato fritters and stuffing muffins are just a few examples of an array of food ideas.


Instead of purchasing pricey decor, search for items like silverware and table toppers at a dollar store or the clearance sections of your favorite shops. 

Focus on getting the essentials first such as dinnerware, chairs and a large enough table for every friend to sit at.

To make the place feel festive but easy to clean up, incorporate fake gourds, fall leaves, string lights and autumn-colored balloons or streamers throughout the area to set the mood. Pinterest almost always has easy decor inspiration for fall gatherings. 


Activities that involve teamwork or can be played with more than five people are suitable for Friendsgiving. 

Jenga, a scavenger hunt, painting pumpkins and games like charades allows for everyone to participate or pick and choose which activity they’re feeling up to do. 

Making the event go as planned

Create a group chat with all the friends that plan on attending so organizing and making sure everyone is on the same page is easier. This is where you all can discuss who is bringing what and the budget.

Share each other’s calendars to see what days and times everyone is available. Remember that it’s Friendsgiving, so the responsibility should be divided, that way pressure isn’t solely on one person.

The holidays are a special time to spend with your loved ones so make the most of it by having gatherings while having fun in the process. 

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