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Internship resources, opportunities offered to students


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Internship opportunities can be daunting to look for while being one of over 40,000 students at the University, let alone not knowing how to go about finding one.

Internships can offer benefits to students, such as increasing their chances of landing a job after graduation.

Here’s a guide to how you can utilize your resources as a student to find internship opportunities.

Department websites

UH is the host to 16 academic areas of study including programs for both graduate and undergraduate programs, four of them being exclusive to graduate programs.

Each of these areas of study has its own web page, with opportunities catered specifically to its students. Departments under these colleges also have seperate web pages that are even more tailored for students.

For example, the Hilton College has internship opportunities under the “Careers” tab on the page where students can log in and upload their resumes to find jobs and internships.

For other departments, this might look a little different.

Research is another option for students, offered by a range of different colleges like the College of Education to the Engineering College.

For example, under the “Research” tab on the College of Engineering webpage, there are opportunities listed for UH students to research under faculty, at UH or other institutions, as well as a program through the National Science Foundation.

Career Fairs

Another way to hunt for an internship is through the multiple Career Fairs held each semester that are general or even major-specific at UH.

Career Fairs are hosted by the University to give students and companies the ability to interact and discuss potential internship and career opportunities.

Students are encouraged to practice strategies such as dressing professionally, having a prepared resume and researching the employers that will be in attendance to best prepare for the event.

The University Career Services page offers other resources to help students increase their chances of scoring an internship or job with companies as well as get students more versed in the professional world.

The webpage also provides a schedule of career fairs coming up with the mode of attendance specified as in-person, virtual or hybrid.

Cougar Pathway

University Career Services offers the “hub” Cougar Pathway for the UH community to utilize as a database for jobs, recruiting and resumes.

Students can find instructions on how to apply for jobs and internships using the platform. There are search engines to help find internships that are paid, unpaid or even those that vary in whether it is on-site.

Aside from internships, there are also listings for work-study positions on campus.

Outside resources

Other ways students can find internships are through companies such as Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn.

Companies like these help find internships and compensation for them if applicable by creating an account and uploading your resume to make it easier to apply to more jobs with the information present on your account.

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