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Friday, March 24, 2023

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Ann Coulter says racism ‘not the worst thing in the world’ during UH visit

Ann Coulter

Conservative media correspondent Ann Coulter spoke at the University in an event organized by the Young Conservatives of Texas at UH. | James Schillinger/The Cougar

In their first event of the year, the Young Conservatives of Texas’s UH chapter hosted conservative media correspondent and author Ann Coulter for a conversation on immigration, the economy, the Biden administration and more. 

Coulter is known for her commentary on Democratic politicians and stance on conservatism, going as far as criticizing Former President Donald Trump for being too lenient with his policymaking decisions.

She kicked off the evening by making comments on President Joe Biden’s immigration policies and for allowing Afghan refugees to come to the country. 

“Remember we had to bring in all those (Afghan) translators?” Coulter said. “They couldn’t go two weeks in this country.”

Coulter criticized immigration laws like the H1B1 visa, which allows foreign workers to be sponsored by the organization they work for in the U.S. 

“College kids are always told to major in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, but the H1B1 workers are the equivalent of indentured servitude and therefore preferred,” Coulter said.

She later transitioned to racism and crime in the nation, specifically pointing to movements that are popular around removing government funding from law enforcement.

“The media is screaming ‘defund the police, screw the police, ACAB,’ but now cities are actually releasing criminals and making matters worse,” she said. “I think the solution to crime is not to release them and reign violence on their communities, but it to lock up the criminals within the communities.”

Transition to a section Coulter called “wokeness,” where she expressed how schools conducted “Chinese-style brainwashing” by teaching students racism.

“Racism is not the worst thing in the world,” Coulter said. “Murder is worse, rape is worse, disemboweling a puppy is worse.”

Wrapping up with a Q&A portion, when asked about schools and the controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill in some state legislatures, Coulter told the audience full of students to not go to college if they haven’t already.

“If you haven’t been to college yet, I’m really advising kids, ‘don’t go,’” she said. “Don’t go. Get a job, let life kick you around.”

Some students agreed with the rhetoric Coulter put forward. 

“I think that’s really true,” said engineering senior Britney Rogers. “I think the more liberal stuff, this is a kind of liberal school, luckily in STEM classes they don’t talk about any of that in class.”

Other students came to expect a lot of what Coulter had to say but found her perspective on politics in America insightful nonetheless.

“It was definitely more of the same Republican rhetoric that I have heard on Fox News and other conservative outlets,” said media production sophomore Glenn Jensay. “I wasn’t expecting anything else, and I’m not surprised she stuck to this script of blaming everything on Democrats.”

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