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The Cougar Reviews: Domoishi

Ramen and milk tea are just a few of the menu items offered at Domoishi. | Sydney Rose/The Cougar

Ramen and milk tea are just a few of the menu items offered at Domoishi. | Sydney Rose/The Cougar

Domoishi is the new eatery on Martin Luther King Boulevard, replacing Azza Cafe. This restaurant advertises menu items such as ramen, poke, wings and tea.

Domoishi has been a topic of conversation amongst students, leading some of The Cougar staff members to try the food and give their thoughts.

Lisa El-Amin (Assistant News Editor)

My list of favorite meals includes ramen and poke, so trying Domoishi’s menu was a must. I heard a few mixed reviews, which intrigued me to try it for myself. I should add that the inside of the restaurant is very pleasing to me with the bright and open layout.

After debating between the menu options, I ordered the spicy tonkatsu ramen and added chicken. Included in the ramen are a variety of standard yet delicious toppings such as boiled egg, green onions and fish cakes.

To me, the noodles had the perfect amount of chewiness and paired with the toppings, it made every bite satisfying. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the broth, so I’d say the brown sugar boba has to be my favorite before their spicy tonkatsu ramen.

The cost of the menu items is a bit high in my opinion and they currently don’t accept cougar cash so this isn’t something I would splurge on daily but trust I will be a regular customer for the boba and poke.

Overall, the staff is kind and the service was fast as well as organized. I expect Domoishi will receive a lot of business and I can’t wait to try the other menu items.

Rating: 9/10

Logan Linder (Senior Staff Writer)

As a vegetarian, there were enough options available to satisfy me at Domoishi. Tofu is available and can be substituted for meat in the ramen and poke bowls. Unfortunately, their appetizers are lacking as only french fries, edamame and vegetable spring rolls are available.

Aside from the boba, my favorite part of Azza when it was in this location was the kimchi fries and sadly, Domoishi doesn’t seem to have anything similar.

As for the wings, I hope they decide to add vegetarian options soon because I’d love to try their spicy soy garlic wings. For boba, they have essentially unlimited options. I’ve tried two different combinations so far, coffee milk tea with brown sugar boba as well as peach berry tea with mango jelly. Both were delicious, but I would definitely order them less sweet next time.

I’m determined to taste every tea and topping available until I find the holy grail of boba. I do wish the price was lower, as it costs an extra 75 cents per topping added to the drink. Sometime soon I see myself visiting Domoishi at least once a week to order boba and spring rolls.

Rating: 7.5/10

Sydney Rose (Managing Editor)

I went into Domoishi with good expectations as I have been vying for a new boba place since Azza closing, and came out pretty satisfied with the results!

I ordered the shrimp shumai for an appetizer, which I enjoyed, but in only getting six pieces, I definitely wanted more. For the main meal, I got a customized poke bowl, and as someone who could eat poke for every meal if that was socially acceptable, I have to say I loved it.

There were so many different options for toppings (which I obviously got them all) and there was a variety of ways you could customize your own bowl.

To top everything off, the main reason I wanted to try this new place was for the milk tea. I ordered the coffee milk tea with brown sugar boba and it was a great mixture. I picked the “regular” sweetness option, which I may have to go to a less sweet alternative next time because it was a little too sugary for me.

Overall, the environment of the place is very nice and I definitely see myself going again to try some more poke bowl combinations as well as sample the ramen. My only qualm is the price as everything seemed a lot more expensive than Azza or other Houston milk tea and poke bowl alternatives I have had.

Rating: 8.5/10

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