Students should be intentional with their knowledge

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In today’s fast-paced society, we tend to overlook the news which leads us to become unaware of some of the most critical social and political issues. 

Politicians seem to care less about the people they are representing and more about reelection campaigns. 

With this comes a sense of helplessness but the key to overcoming an injustice system is gaining intentional knowledge and knowing how to use it. 

With a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled to strike down Roe V. Wade, making it the first court in history to take away a constitutional right. 

In the same opinion, Justice Clarence Thomas also stated that the court should visit back on its decisions on contraceptives and same-sex marriages.

The U.S. Senate reached a bipartisan agreement this week, which is the most serious gun-control law, that has been reached. The House of Representatives also approved the bill and has been signed by President Joe Biden. 

However, the Supreme Court renounced this new law with its decision to strick down the New York law to conceal its handgun law. 

On the other side of the world, there is still a war going on in Ukraine with Russian forces attacking the country. The Russian forces recently attacked a mall, which left at least 18 dead. 

Last week, the Supreme Court also gutted Miranda rights. The court said that the law enforcement could use the testimony of the person they arrested, prior to reading their Miranda Rights, which lists the rights you have while you are being arrested. 

The court is also hearing a case, West Virginia v. The Environmental Protection Agency, related to climate change. This case will decide on how much power the federal government has on controlling greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

Based on their decision it could completely alter upcoming environmental policies. 

The past few years, in particular, have felt out of a history textbook. However, these political and social events are more than a social media post or a fun day of protesting. 

Not only as college students but as the generation that represents the future of our world, we should think critically, pay attention to the news and be open to new and challenging opinions. 

In real-time, people who can get pregnant are having their rights over bodily autonomy taken away which has given the Supreme Court confidence to challenge several court precedents regarding contraceptives and same-sex marriage. 

This is frightening. 

Continuing with the daily motions of life with a global pandemic, a human rights crisis and the threats of war around the world can and will lead to burnout. 

We need to take care of ourselves, our friends and our families. During these times, having intentional and international knowledge is the best thing you can do. 

Be intentional about listening and speaking out. Do not condition yourself to speak out only when bad things happen. Activism is a constant practice. 

Knowledge is power and when history is happening right in front of your eyes, it becomes your arsenal as well. 

Atirikta Kumar is a journalism sophomore who can be reached at opinion@thedailycougar.

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