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UH makes changes to trademark

The old workmark (left) will be replaced with the new UH signature mark (right) | Photo courtesy UH

The University announced a change to its branding and trademark system. 

The changes are primarily focused on updating the previously used UH wordmark, a system in which all University-related documents were branded with a simple “University of Houston.” The new system, dubbed the UH signature mark, features the classic stylized UH initials already featured on much of the University’s merchandise. 

According to the UH Twitter account, the change was made to create a more inviting representation of the University’s trademark. 

“The updated design combines our interlocking logo with a new wordmark that is warmer and more human to create the University’s primary logo for use in all official marketing and communications,” UH said in a Tweet

These changes are primarily intended to apply to UH communications such as letterhead and official emails. 

Though the University did take care to emphasize that the UH branding that students have come to know and love, won’t be changing much.

“While our logos have a fresh look, do not fear: Our bold scarlet red isn’t going anywhere,” the University said. “We hope you’re as excited as we are by the newest refinements to our brand!”

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