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Dear Denise: What to wear on game day, fear of the future

Dylan Burkett/The Cougar

In The Cougar’s weekly anonymous advice column, I talk about game day attire, fear of the future and the college experience. To submit your questions for future issues, click the Dear Denise button on our home page.

Do people really wear cowboy boots at UH football games?

Hey! It’s funny you asked this because I was talking with a friend about how I need a pair. To answer your question, yes; people do wear cowboy boots on game day. Game day outfits are my favorite part of football season, so I love seeing the boots styled differently every home game. 

I remember my senior year of high school I wanted to buy a pair of boots because I used to search Pinterest day and night for outfit inspiration. And everyone had a pair.

Everyone but me!

The fact that I still don’t have a pair is really funny. 

I hate my major, but I’m a senior. What do I do?

I’m sorry to hear this, but honestly, I think you can persevere. You’ve made it this far and if you are about to graduate in the next one or two semesters, why prolong it? You can always come back to college after working for a while. I’m not an academic adviser, so I can’t promise to give the best major-related advice, but as a friend that’s what I would tell you. Class of 2023, we are almost done!  

How do I make the most of my college experience?

This is cliché, but the only way to make the most of your college experience is to get involved. In my freshman year, I barely did anything social. I went to class, to eat and to my bed. Once the pandemic hit and basically stole my sophomore year away, I knew something had to change. I joined an organization that allowed me to meet so many students from varying colleges around campus. It built my confidence as both a student and a leader. From there, I made sure to be involved in person with multiple extracurriculars. 

You meet so many people and potential friends just by stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something new. 

I’m close to graduating but I’m really scared of the future. What advice can the lovely Denise Miller give to someone who’s scared of the direction of their future?

Friend, you are just like me! I am also extremely nervous about entering the real world. The thought of leaving this college bubble where everyone is so supportive and pro you is frightening. 

The advice I’m going to give you is something I need to listen to myself. I think everything will be OK! Everyone’s journey is different and job hunting takes time. I recently received some wisdom from a successful college graduate, and she told me that the best time to start applying for jobs is whenever you feel your resume is ready. If that’s four months before your graduation or two weeks before, do what makes sense to you. Employers will always need workers, so don’t fret about not finding work. 

To end this, I’ll say the future is amazing because we have no idea what will happen. That naivete should give us all hope because since we don’t know what we don’t know, we can hope for the best.    

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