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How to get your dream dorm decor on a budget

Juana Garcia/The Cougar

Dorms supply you with the basics, but it’s up to you and your small budget to get the decor to make it feel like yours.

Decor and organization that fulfills your desires while not damaging your bank account more than the dorm already has, isn’t as hard as you think.  

While Target has incredibly cute products, they can also get expensive very quickly. And keep in mind that you’re a college student and have your entire life to create a nice collection of quality decor and furniture.

I cannot stress this enough, Five Below is the place to go for room decor. They have everything you could ever want and more. A decent amount of their items are under $5, but prices have slowly been raised. Thankfully, the products are still affordable and spending $30 there can get you all the stylish essentials.

Another easy and cheap option is to see if anyone you know is getting rid of anything you might need. While you won’t need a couch or other big items, it can be helpful to get a small chair or table if someone near you is selling one. Facebook Marketplace is another cheap and accessible option.

An easy way to quickly change the feel of your dorm is to invest in some good bedding. A cute comforter and throw pillows go a long way. And to bring some life into your room, buy some plants and whether or not they’re real is up to you.

For organization, opt for small bins or buckets that can be easily transported the next time you move. To remove some of the clutter from your floor, get some hooks that simply hang over the door.

Get some posters, collages, or anything else you want to have on your wall and shower your dorm with your personality. Since you’ve likely moved away from your friends and family, hang up some pictures of them to keep you company. I also suggest getting some sticky tack so you don’t damage the wall.

I recommend getting a shelf, bucket or any other form of storage to hold some snacks because you don’t always want to make the trek to Moody.

A well-stocked and decorated dorm will (hopefully) make your college years less stressful and more fun.

Good luck and happy shopping!

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