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Thursday, June 8, 2023

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Cuffing season survival tips

Jose Gonzalez-Campelo/The Cougar

There is no shame in wanting to spend the colder months alongside someone, a companion to hold near and dear for each festivity spanning to Valentine’s Day

The term coined to describe this phenomenon is called ‘cuffing season’ based on the notion that seasonal depression and familial expectations can stir said desire. 

But what about those who have gone the holidays riding solo? There is no shame in that. If you’re feeling the pressure of social media engagement announcements and hard launches, here are a few ways to stay grounded in yourself and survive the cuffing season.

Explore a hobby

As students about to dive into the spring semester, it can be tempting to remove all sense of self and devote an unhealthy amount to our studies.

 Balance is a key element of being a full-time student, so find the one thing that can free your mind from overthinking (even if just for a little) as a nice treat for you. 

Find a comfort show

I find that there are some benefits of having one show dedicated to a particular area of your life that is uniquely yours. For example, if you choose to begin a new show that is exclusive to the gym, you may become further inclined to stick to your gym and fitness goals. 

Or on particularly stressful days, you lean on a show that you know word-for-word to have on in the background to give you that sense of familiarity. Whichever you decide, giving yourself alone time to decompress is essential. 

Romanticize your life

I’m sure you have seen the TikToks or Instagram reels promoting this idea but I challenge you to see it as more than a trend. When you’re feeling down, search for little things to make the day a bit better. Make that drink you’ve wanted to try or change the scenery for a few hours. 

Give yourself grace

 It can be easy to give into societal expectations of where you need to be at this age, however, everyone is on a different path. Be proud of the path and experiences presented to you this year. Take things at your pace and no one else’s. 

Surround yourself with your people 

This is necessary because whether it be via our cell phones and social media, people inherently long for human connection–romantically speaking is not the only one that matters. Having someone beside you through the semester’s ups and downs makes all the difference. 

If there’s one thing our generation has learned to do, it is to make the most of our difficult circumstances. In this case, can include being single and learning to be alone. That is why investing in yourself is of utmost importance. With 2023 beginning and 2022 fading into the distance, keep in mind that there is more to life than getting “cuffed.”

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