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46th annual Pride parade: Tips to follow

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We’re already halfway through Pride month and it’s time to start preparing for the 46th annual Pride Houston 365 parade

Here are a few tips to follow while enjoying the festivities:

Plan ahead

The annual Pride parade is a highly anticipated event, so it is recommended to get tickets as soon as possible before it sells out. 

Even though the parade is free to attend, attendees older than 21 and younger than 55 need to buy tickets for the festival.

VIP tickets can be purchased online which include additional perks like open bar, catered food, access to main stage plaza and a refund policy. 

Tickets can be found here

Plan for transportation

It is recommended to take public transportation like METRO Rail downtown because it’s a cheaper option as compared to expensive downtown parking. For those without a METRO Q card, order one online ahead of time since kiosks can get busy on the day of the parade. 

Cars can be parked in neighborhoods like Montrose and Midtown to help avoid traffic congestions. Carpool with friends and family to share the cost of parking. 

For those willing to spend a little extra and are looking for a more comfortable way of transportation, opt for services like Uber, Lyft or other local taxi companies. 

Plan outfits

Remember it’s a Pride parade, so don’t forget to be yourself and wear whatever feels comfortable. Wear clothes and accessories like sunglasses, hats and scarfs which can be rainbow color or gender-specific according to preference. 

To make things more fun, DIY or thrift outfits and wear Pride-inspired makeup and nail art.

However, make sure to not apply too much makeup as it can get messy because of unpredictable Houston weather. Additionally, don’t forget to use sunscreen.

Stay safe

It’s very important to be aware of surroundings, especially when attending the parade alone.

Carrying a power bank is advisable to ensure that electronic devices remain charged throughout the event. Additionally, keeping a list of emergency contacts readily accessible is crucial.

Familiarizing oneself with the parade route beforehand can prevent confusion on the day of the event. It is also beneficial to identify and remember designated meeting points in case of emergencies.

Stay hydrated

In order to fully enjoy the experience, it is recommended that stay hydrated and nourished. Pack light snacks like fruits, nuts and granola bars to keep stay energetic throughout the event. Take a refillable water bottle that’s easy to carry. 

It is advisable to avoid excessive drinking, as it can lead to dehydration, especially when attending an event alone. Limiting the number of alcoholic beverages and alternating them with water can help maintain sobriety and hydration.



Enjoy the event to the fullest by bringing friends and family to maximize the fun and embrace the festival’s spirit. Flaunt amazing outfits and makeup while showing support for the community and its people.

Express yourself, take plenty of pictures and enjoy other activities such as the live band, featured artists and drag performances.

Remember to be respectful of others’ identities and inclusive of everyone present. Ensure that no one feels uncomfortable and celebrate diversity wholeheartedly.

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