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Vol. 89 Editorial Board

John Lomax | Editor in Chief, [email protected]

Cindy Rivas Alfaro | Managing Editor, [email protected]

Robert De La Garza | News Editor, [email protected]

Malachi Key | Opinion Editor, [email protected]

Starns Leland | Sports Editor, [email protected]

Anh Le | Photo Editor, [email protected]

Jose Gonzalez-Campelo | Creative Director, [email protected]

Emma Christensen | Web Editor, [email protected]

Logan Linder | Campus Assistant Editor, [email protected]

Atirikta Kumar | Community Assistant Editor, [email protected]

Regan Grant | SGA Assistant Editor, [email protected]

Riley Moquin | Assistant Sports Editor, [email protected]

Tips, story ideas and news releases

Contact the news desk with your news tip, story idea or news release at 713-743-5314 or [email protected]. Tips may also be faxed to 713-743-5384.

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