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Friday, September 22, 2023


Cougar pride ensures that football games are always amazing

The following guest column is in response to Jim McCormick’s "Students not wanted in Robertson Stadium" (Opinion, Wednesday).

It may seem strange to a select few, but the University of Houston is a school of amazing school spirit. UH isn’t considered as "large" as the University of Texas or Texas A’M University, but the spirit of the Cougars is, and the population of UH grows every semester. To get a degree from UH is highly respected.

I have been a part of the Spirit of Houston for three years now. What is the Spirit of Houston? The Spirit of Houston is all students participating in events that show their spirit: the band, cheerleaders, Frontiersmen, Cougar Dolls, mascots, athletes and any and all fans.

I have personally, as have many students, participated in almost all areas of school spirit and had an awesome experience.

Robertson Stadium is the home of amazing school spirit, the home of a Cougar – the Cougars. Of course, students are wanted at Robertson Stadium, just as they are wanted in any classroom, party, social event or home. The people that go to the University of Houston choose to be a Cougar and choose to get their education here. It is their home away from home, and everyone is accepted and wanted in their own home.

UH’s Athletics Department cares for its students and fans. Why? Well, UH is a family, a fraternity, a sorority and an accepting group of friends. The athletics staff works night and day to better UH and support the University to better the school as a whole. Some have challenged Robertson Stadium, the Athletics Department and the athletes and students that love their University.

There is nothing wrong with the seating at Robertson Stadium for the student body. The only problem I see is that we are not filling up every seat. The student section is located right next to the entrance tunnel of our Cougar football team. This tunnel is where these men run out onto the field to play the great game of football and then return to the tunnel after every victory. Who wants to watch their team run into an empty tunnel, and who on the team wants to run in a tunnel with no fans or cheers?

The band is also located in the student section. The band is the mainstay for school spirit and support. Without the band, football is just football. The band excites the players and the fans. Add students to the band, and the energy is amazing.

What about the sun?

What about it? The football players play in the sun, practice in the sun and well, it’s football, so the sun is supposed to be out. Anyway, most of the time it’s either cloudy or we have night games. The sun is of little concern. Also, we live in Houston, so it rains often and there is smog. A little sunshine is good for the body, and a tan is always good.

What about the view and the beer?

Once again, what about it? I sat in band for two years and I could see the game just fine. Yes, the ball moves around. That’s part of the game. No matter where you sit, there will always be a time when you just can’t see every detail. As for the beer issue – tailgate. It is free. Drink before the game. If you are truly a football fan, you don’t need alcohol to enjoy the game. The band is sober the whole game, and they never sit down.

To think that the fans are taken for granted is foolish. Ask anyone that is in the Spirit of Houston, or has gone to Houston or who is playing football for Houston what they think about the stadium.

The fans are what make Houston athletics and the school great. Sometimes things might not be perfect for everyone, but cowboy up.

Stolt, a kinesiology sophomore, can be reached via [email protected]

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