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Tuesday, October 3, 2023


Petty crimes too common on campus

Many of us hurry to get on campus, and even more students bolt for the parking lots within mere moments of their classes’ conclusions. Yet many are here long enough to fall victim to the most common, but least publicized, daily event on campus: crime.

Yes, my fellow students, crime is rampant on our beloved campus. Though to see many of you with your conspicuous displays of wealth and leaving valuable personal items unattended for even a scant few moments, it is no wonder thieves prey upon the UH community on a daily basis.

In many of the buildings on campus, one can see mug shots of a not-so bright repeat criminal offender who has been arrested on campus multiple times but still returns, probably because the pockets-to pick, so to speak, are ripe and so many students make it easy for theft to occur on a daily basis.

Leaving your purse, cell phone, laptop, wallet and other valuables unattended – even to walk around the corner to get a sip of water from a fountain – is enough time for anyone to snatch up your possessions.

Oh, but everyone here is too smart to let themselves fall victim to such petty thievery. I can see the eyes rolling right now as readers pore over these words and think how crime will prey upon someone else.

Any one of us on any day can find ourselves under the suspect-eye of a thief. More crime happens when the opportunity presents itself than it does by being followed and watched by a career criminal.

Still, despite dire warnings in the form of e-mails sent by the UH Police Department to watch out for suspicious characters, coupled with the availability of the daily crime bulletins found on UHPD’s Web site, so many people end up filing a report with the UHPD to report stolen property.

You are not safe on this campus.

Just because it’s sunny outside or you think the students sitting at the next table in the University Center Satellite are going to watch your bags as you get a cup of coffee does not mean you or your things are safe from crime. It could happen at any time. Why not make yourself a tougher target to prey upon?

Leave the expensive purse and book bag at home. All you are doing is announcing to the world that you have nice things and probably even more valuable items contained therein those over-priced accessories.

Getting up for a cup of coffee, chicken sandwich or sip of water? Take your stuff with you.

Getting lost in the music emanating from your iPod is fun, but what you fail to see is who is walking around you. It is easy to think we are in a bubble here on campus and nothing can harm us in our pursuit of an education. A reading of the daily crime bulletin of any given week of the year shows this is not the case.

Keep an eye out and make sure you have your stuff on a short leash and you will make yourself less susceptible to crime.

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