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Saturday, September 30, 2023


Five Minutes: Senior builds eco-friendly house – sort of

Zaneta Loh: How do you spell your last name? Stephanie Russ, interior design senior: R-U-S-S. Loh: Like guess with an "r." Russ: (pause) And no "e." Loh: Oh, you’re right. I can’t spell.

Loh: Is this your final project? (points to houses being constructed) Russ: For this class. Loh: What class is this? Russ: Concept environmental systems. Loh: So do you have to use recycled stuff? Ross: Yeah. Loh: What are your ideas? I see a line of bottles, what are those going to be? Russ: There’s water that goes in the bottles, and in the day when the sun hits it, the water will heat up; and at night the heat will release back into the building. Loh: What about the milk bottles? Russ: I think they’re just holding our supplies.

Loh: Is this part of your building too? Russ: Yes. Loh: What are the holes for? Russ: They’re windows. Loh: Are you going to put glass in them? Russ: No, these will go back in there on those dials and they’ll pivot for ventilation. Loh: What’s it made out of? Russ: It’s just insulation board.

Loh: Do you get to use power tools? Russ: Yeah, you can. Loh: Like what? Russ: Currently, we’re using a knife. (laughs)

Loh: Do you just build them? Do you have to sit in them? What are they graded on? Russ: Craft and design, and then we have to do a skit. Loh: A skit? On what? Russ: I don’t know yet, half of our team is eating at Chili’s right now.

Loh: What’s your favorite part of your house? Russ: The spray paint – cause I went and bought it. Loh: Spray paint is not exactly earth-friendly. Russ: I know! That’s what I thought. I was like, ‘Why don’t we just use liquid paint?’ and they’re like, ‘No, we have to use spray paint.’" Loh: Who, the teachers? Russ: In the instructions, but I’m like, ‘That’s an aerosol can.’ So I’m pretty sure that’s not eco-friendly.

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