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Sunday, June 26, 2022

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Students weigh in on transfer process

For many students, transferring to a campus as large as UH is both exciting and intimidating. The last thing a new student wants or expects is the unnecessary frustration that can stem from delayed or halted transcript evaluations.

Transfer students generally expect to receive credits for grades they have earned from other colleges and to have the ability to view how these credits have been applied, yet this is not always the case.

Transferring from three different colleges, Adrienne Tran said it has taken a long time to have her transcripts evaluated.

“Sometimes when I called they said they didn’t have it, or they couldn’t find it,” she said. “So I walked it in and gave it to them, and when I would call back they would still say, ‘Oh, we don’t have it.’”

Many students have the misconception that sending both a paper copy and an electronic version of their transcripts will expedite the process; this is a fallacy.

According to the Office of Registration and Academic Records, students are required to submit official transcripts to UH.  Photocopies, faxes and Web printouts are not accepted. Students should request that their previous institutions send all transcripts to UH electronically, as these types of submissions result in a speedier evaluation and turn around.

There is no set processing time for transcript evaluation because the processing times of all transcripts vary depending upon application and admission dates. In order to avoid delays in the admission decision or transfer credit evaluation, it is important that all transcripts are sent as soon as possible.

History junior Nathan Wendt transferred from Sam Houston State and Montgomery Community College and had transcripts sent electronically from both colleges.

“It took two to three weeks to have my transcripts evaluated,” he said. “It was relatively quick. I didn’t have any problems,”

Many students are unaware that there are unresolved issues regarding their transcripts until a hold has been placed on their accounts.

“I didn’t know that one of my courses hadn’t transferred until I went in to discuss my degree plan for graduation,” art history senior Jennifer Gonzalez said.

According to the Office of Registration and Academic Records, if a student feels that he or she should have a different type of credit, they must petition the course. Undergraduate transfer credit petitions can be found online and should be completed with the student’s academic advisor. This process takes approximately four to six weeks from submission to decision.

All regionally accredited college coursework will be evaluated for credit. A student may receive direct course equivalent credit or elective credit.

All colleges from which credit is to be transferred must be accredited by one of the six regional accrediting associations or the appropriate ministry or board for overseas studies.

A student who is mandated core complete by the standards of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board upon transfer is considered core complete at UH after evaluation.

“I got credit for all the credits I took at San Jac, and I didn’t have to spend (more) money here at UH,” kinesiology freshman Madhuri Dasmohapatra said. “The credits were sent here directly, so I didn’t have any problems. Once I started applying for my classes, everything automatically showed up.”

Only grades of C-minus or higher will be considered for transfer to UH, and a maximum of 66 semester hours of lower division transfer work will be allowed to apply toward a baccalaureate degree.

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