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Friday, September 22, 2023

Guest Commentary

Author of HPV article should be commended

This commentary is a response to “People need to be cautious of STDs” by Callie Thompson, which ran in The Daily Cougar on Tuesday.

As the director of the Women’s Resource Center on campus, I want to applaud Callie Thompson for her wonderful editorial on sexually transmitted diseases.

Thompson powerfully told her story about contracting human papillomavirus, baring intimate details in order to educate and inform others.

Often, when the word “courage” comes to mind, we picture firefighters running into burning buildings; I think the term can be used to describe Ms. Thompson’s actions as she shared her painful experience for the benefit of others.

She has really provided an invaluable service to the campus community.

April is STD Awareness Month, and on April 23, the Men’s Clinic at the Student Health Center will hold a special testing day for STDs; the same will happen at the Women’s Clinic on April 20 and 28.

Students will have to pay for the testing, but the first 100 people to go the Student Health Center or visit the Women’s Resource Center will get a really cute (and free) Cougar condom cover.

Another helpful resource is the Get Yourself Tested Web site at, which is sponsored by MTV. It’s educational, interactive and fun, so check it out.

Ms. Thompson has my admiration and appreciation.

Beverly McPhail is the director of the UH Women’s Resource Center and may be reached at [email protected]

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