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Thursday, June 1, 2023


SGA rejects LGBT budget cut

A Student Government Association resolution opposing the redistribution of funding for university resource centers, specifically those for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons, was officially passed on Thursday.

SGA President Michael Harding signed the resolution at a meeting of GLOBAL, UH’s student organization for LGBT students and allies.

The resolution is a response to budget amendment 143 to senate bill 1 in the Texas Legislature that would split the funding between LGBT resource centers with “traditional family value centers.”

“(The bill) would drastically reduce funding to the LGBT resource centers,” Harding said. “This is a big problem because LGBT resource centers are facilities for LGBT students that provide a safe, comfortable and accepting environment.”

SGA created the resolution with members of GLOBAL after the group protested the bill at an SGA meeting.

“LGBT students have distinctive challenges because of how they are perceived and treated as a result of their sexual orientation or gender identity,” the resolution states. “These challenges prevent students from achieving their full academic potential or participating fully in the campus community.”

The resolution also argues that if the bill passes there could be unnecessary spending increases.

“In this time of economic crisis, universities are faced with drastic decisions and must best decide how to utilize funds to benefit all of their students,” the resolution states. “Requiring strict adherence to budget mandates prohibits flexibility and leads to inefficiency in spending.”

Members of SGA and other on-campus organizations are also planning to write to state representatives in protest of the senate bill.

“(It is) necessary to show our state representatives that the UH student body does not support this bill and that amendment 143 must be changed or expelled from the bill,” Harding said.

This year, SGA will sign resolutions and legislation at the meetings of the organizations that inspired or are affected by the corresponding resolution or legislation.

The organization also will be given a copy of the resolution or legislation to show SGA’s support and to thank the organization for their input and participation, according to Harding.

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