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Saturday, February 24, 2018


Repercussions of NBA lockout yet to be seen

As the NBA lockout drags on, the students and businesses around UH are adapting to the reality that there might not be an NBA season.

Many fans have moved on, choosing to watch other sports instead of local basketball.

“I am currently watching a lot of football,” business major Kevin Phung said. “I am, though, following the updates on the CBA negotiations religiously.”

For Phung and many other students, UH basketball is not too appealing. According to a report released by the NCAA in 2010, UH averaged 3,202 fans a game. C-USA averaged 5,701 fans and is ranked ninth in the nation in attendance.

One student who has attended UH basketball games said the improving program will definitely help him survive until the NBA season begins.

“I’m focusing on both football and UH basketball,” Dyllon Braun a broadcast journalism major said. “They’re underrated but good.

“This (the focus on football) is no surprise. When the season starts, the first thing I’ll do is tune in to the Rockets.”

If UH moves to the Big East they will move into the fourth largest attendance conference in the nation. The Big East averages 11,014 fans a game.

“This will be a great basketball move,” Braun said. “New competition is always exciting.”

While students have numerous options, some businesses, such as sports bars, do not have such luxuries. Management at The Den, the University pub, is not worried about losing customers to basketball, reporting that they are thriving with the success of the undefeated football team.

Unlike The Den, businesses near the Toyota Center are feeling the effect of the lockout as they lose money when games are not played. Saint Dane’s Bar & Grille has specials for nights that the Rockets are playing, and usually attracts customers who are in the area to attend the game, or want a place to watch it with friends. William Baker, a manager at Saint Dane’s, said the lockout hasn’t taken its full toll just yet.

“We’re staying pretty steady because we’ve got football season, but we suffer a little during the week,” Baker said. “If we don’t have something going on in the weekdays, we might lose some business.”

With the possibility of the entire NBA season being canceled, businesses could see a drop-off with none of the “big three” sports in regular season for the start of spring.

“I would assume we’re going to hurt a little bit after football is over,” Baker said. “People like to watch sports, and we’re a sports bar.”

Ticket vendors around town are also adapting to life without the NBA. A representative from the Astro Arena said that a portion of his business is feeling the effects of the lockout. Although demand is down the representative said, he is more worried about the end of football season than the start of basketball season.

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  • Russell

    Tired of the NBA Lockout? Do something about it!
    NBA Fanout:

    The NBA owners and players have decided it is more important to posture and fight over percentage points of the already billions of dollars they are earning (from US, the fans by the way) each NBA season. During the negotiating, the losing of games, the back and forth over revenue sharing, and the cancelling of games, is either side really considering the fans in all of this? In all sports, owners and players are only worried about the money. So why don't we remind them where they get it from? The NBA owners want a lockout? I'm calling for a FANOUT. We the fans need to step up and make sure they know who makes it possible.
    I am asking all NBA fans to "ballcott" the NBA this upcoming season if they ever even get it together enough to have games. It's simple. I'm not asking anyone to stop rooting for their team. I'm not even asking you not to watch games. Just for one season, we can take action.
    For the 2011-2012 season don't do 2 things:
    1. Don't go to any NBA games.
    2. Don't buy any NBA merchandise. No jerseys, hats, stickers, cups, NBA TV packages. Nothing.

    If we do these 2 things the league will have to take notice, and think twice next time they want to cancel our favorite game. How much revenue would they even have to share with each other if we do this?
    I'm encouraging people to do this, just for one season. Why should we let them have all the power? Sign this petition if you agree with me and you are willing to sacrifice just a little bit this one season (and it will save you some money). Let's show some union solidarity of our own NBA fans. Ballcott the NBA and show them who this is really all about.

  • Jeff

    Personnaly I am glad all you fags that think this is a sport are not getting to watch a bunch of half wit ghetto rats run around bumping into each other to get a free quick feel of another man douche bags. I think the national brother asshole legue should die all you players are ass holes that do not deserve a bullet to put you out of your misery I hope you all burn and I pray that this stupid Fukin so called sport never returns.

  • Guest

    Jeff u sound like a jelous fag get a life if you hate this sport so much why r u even here tracking the NBA sry to burst you bubble but the NBA isnt going no where it will be here for the rest of your jelous miserable life lol go follow up on hocky or tennis or something stupid fuck

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