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Friday, September 29, 2023


Search for halal, kosher eats is made easy at UH


Tandoori Nite’s saag paneer, or spinach with cheese, is best paired with the provided basmati rice and naan. | Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Living on campus can be a struggle, especially if you have dietary restrictions such as consuming strictly halal or kosher products.

For some, that may even be the reason they avoid living on campus. If you aren’t vegetarian, but are forced to temporarily become one due to the lack of food variety offered on campus, living in one of the residence halls probably isn’t worth it.

Thank goodness we go to UH, where halal and kosher options are all around campus.


Meet your competitor, Chipotle. Never mind, the match is over and Bullritos wins because it offers halal food on request. This place serves amazing tacos, burritos, and bowls. Located next to The Nook, Bullritos is a convenient walk from class. They also have free ice cream.

Tandoori Nite

This is the only on-campus restaurant that offers a completely halal menu. Located in the University Center Satellite Food Court, Tandoori Nite is open from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m, Monday through Thursday. Whether you are craving flavorful ethnic food with an abundance of masala or something spicy to please your taste buds, welcome to the perfect lunch spot.

Fresh Food Company in Moody Towers

This on-campus dining hall has opened a station just for halal, gluten-free food. Goodbye, bland salad, fries and soda. Have a meal plan? You may enter. Don’t have a meal plan? Enter, too — just pay at the door.

Crisp Doner Café and The Kebap Crew

These two food trucks often take shifts throughout the week. As if Houston isn’t hot enough, they bring the hottest kababs to town. The Crisp Doner Café Food Bus serves German street food with Turkish origins. The Kebap Crew offers a variety of halal chiken and beef shish kebabs galore with rice and veggies on the side. A heavenly pairing indeed.

Chopped N Smoked Halal BBQ Food Truck

This halal barbecue joint fulfills so many cravings that we often have, and it is within our very own campus. This food truck serves smoked brisket, ribs and beef sandwiches along with healthy sides of beans, coleslaw and potato salad. Don’t forget the signature barbecue sauce that will intensify all these delicious flavors.

Cougar Xpress Markets in the Student Center, Cougar Village and Calhoun Lofts

We understand the random cravings college students have throughout the day. If you ever feel the urge to snack on some kosher SkinnyPop popcorn, chocolate-covered fruit snacks or Golden Oreos, Cougar Xpress is the nearest campus convenience store to sprint to. In case you are looking for “real food,” you can even find here prepared meals like a Korean-style taco with halal chicken, or halal chicken tikka masala served with basmati rice.


Austin’s culinary scene is taking over Houston! No matter, as long as we get good food, who cares? Coreanos food truck claims to serve “Mexican cuisine with Korean in between,” and it is quickly gaining popularity. They will serve halal meat on request. You can find everything from Korean barbecue tacos to hot dogs and fries here.

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