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Saturday, January 20, 2018


Staff Editorial: Parking for games trumps education this semester

The parking situation on campus continues to get worse, and now, with the success of our football team, we have seen parking become unbearable for students who want to attend class on game day.

Our football team has soared to new heights in the last couple of years. We should not sacrifice education for this success. Closing parking for a game makes sense in the short term, but it puts an unnecessary burden on students who still have to come to class.

UH must consider students in the future when making these decisions. Right now, with the brutal losses that we have faced, there is a lot less fan enthusiasm and support — especially from the student section. Let’s not give them another reason not to go to games.

Students are circling lots like vultures, desperately trying to find the last parking spot on campus to attend class, submit homework or even take a test.

This feeling, or one quite similar to this, embodies numerous UH commuters as they arrive to campus. Frustration and resentment slowly overwhelm students as time ticks away and they are late to the occasion they try to attend.

It’s a familiar feeling that is about to get worse.

The upcoming football game against Louisville Cardinals may pack the stands, but it will also swarm the already-scarce parking lots on campus.

According to UH Parking Services, four and a half lots were closed to students overnight to make room for game-day parking.

Cars parked in lots 12A, 12B, 16B, 16E and half of 15C will be towed. Another 10 lots and two parking garages will shut down at 4 p.m.

This situation presents commuters with a difficult ultimatum: Either come to class during this crucial time right before finals (and struggle for hours to find parking) or stay home.

This should not be a choice for students. We are a week away from Thanksgiving Break and students are scrambling to keep up with classwork. Limited parking for students because of a game is nonsense.

Students struggle to find parking on campus every day. The problem is, however, exacerbated when 14 and a half lots and two parking garages are eliminated for commuters.

When the Cougars faced the University of Connecticut Huskies on Sept. 29, also a Thursday, we got a strong look into the parking problem that plagues this campus.

It seems that the University ranked the football game higher than classes. According to an email forwarded to The Cougar, the administration may have suggested that professors with afternoon classes to offer an alternative learning experience. Classes were canceled.

Although football provides a great deal of revenue and school spirit, it should not snuff out academics, which is the purpose of every university.

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  • You literally had all semester to prepare for the situation today. Part of a higher education involves critical thinking and making decisions like an adult. This wasn’t something that just came up on the schedule. Plenty of people were aware what Nov. 17 meant on campus.

    • UH Cougar 1980

      Parking was an issue when I went to UH from 1975 to 1980. (And I am sure it was an issue for those who graduated before me.) We had to figure it out then just as you have to figure it out now. A problem then and a problem now is that no one wants to park and WALK. Everyone wants to park right next to the building they need to go to. There are LOTS of parking spots available. You must might have to walk a little bit.

  • Mohammed bin Zayed Jones

    … and it should.

  • Opa

    It’s all part of a vicious right-wing plot to force you to pay more for parking in the soon to rise parking garages. NOT! Get over it cupcake.

  • equalityforall

    Parking is always an issue on game day. The schedule is released in advance so all students can use some of their planning skills and use alternative methods/ park at the ERP early so they aren’t late to their classes. It’s an issue that has been emphasized again and again, and while it is inconvenient we are all told well enough in advance to sort it out.

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