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Monday, October 2, 2023


With summer approaching, students plan to take advantage of time off

Juana Garcia/The Cougar

With summer break approaching in the next few weeks, UH students plan to make the most of the three-month break. 

Last year, the high number of COVID-19 infection rates stalled most people’s summer plans. The emergence of vaccines and the speed at which they are being administered has UH students taking advantage of this summer vacation. 

“I find traveling to be the perfect mental reset before the upcoming school year begins,” said Amna Saleem, an economics junior. 

Although, she doesn’t plan to travel this year. “Traditionally, I’d be taking an international trip with my family, however, due to the pandemic, it won’t be feasible this year,” Saleem said. 

Instead, she hopes to spend her vacation catching up with those she didn’t get to see throughout the pandemic.

When she’s not catching up though, she hopes to work on her school and professional career by taking three summer classes and taking part in medical research to prepare for medical school in the future. 

Other students also plan to participate in internships related to their major, like psychology senior Jaida Swanson. Along with her internship though, she hopes to do at least some light travelling once she’s fully vaccinated. 

“I won’t try to fly anywhere due to the COVID restrictions and general precautions but as more people get vaccinated that might change,” Swanson said.

“I will still be wearing my mask everywhere I go even though I will have received both doses and maintaining social distance as much as I can,” Swanson added. 

Throughout the pandemic, travel rates around spring and winter holidays expected to bring a surge in cases. Vaccination rates may prevent that from happening during summer holidays. 

During the Spring, school districts did their best to prevent surges after the break by extending the break by a week. UH has no plans to do anything of that sort now, but the school is encouraging students to get vaccinated. 

“If everyone does their part by getting vaccinated, socializing responsibly, and masking, we’ll soon be able to reach some form of normalcy,” Saleem said. “All in all, even though it won’t be my “traditional” summer, I think with the right mindset, I can make it just as special.”

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