Play brings classic fairy tale to life

The Children’s Theatre Festival’s presentation of Goldilocks and the Three Bears isn’t too long or too short, but is just right for those looking for some lighthearted summer entertainment.

The play tells the timeless children’s story of a golden-haired girl who, frustrated with her affluent lifestyle and parents, runs away to the forest. When she comes across the home of a family of bears, she enters and helps herself to samples of their food and belongings. When the bears return home less than pleased, Goldilocks is taught a valuable life lesson about respecting privacy and property.

"Goldilocks has to learn to deal with the unknown, and this play shows how she faces this challenge," Brian Byrnes, associate professor of theatre and the play’s director, said in release. "The crux of this story is her desire to be a grown-up and being unprepared for the responsibility."

The annual Children’s Theatre Festival has been amusing children and adults alike since 1978. The play features unique animal costumes designed by Fernando Zamudio that are sure to delight children, and Jonathan Middents transforms the stage into a shadowy forest.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears runs through July 29 in the Lyndall Finley Wortham Theatre. For more information, visit

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