Female student urges caution

A female student that was terrorized last week wants to seek out other females and inform them of what happened to her in the women’s restroom last week.

The journalism senior, who asked for her named to not be disclosed, said she is still recovering from the incident.

"When I was in bed that night I felt scared and vulnerable," she said. "Now I’m more aware and cautious in general and other women should be, too."

She said that when she walked into the bathroom stall on the second floor of Agnes Arnold Hall, she felt uneasy.

The suspect walked in at about 3:38 p.m. Tuesday and put his black Motorola RAZR phone over the stall, attempting to take a picture of her, according to a UHPD security alert.

"Looking to the stall to the left, I saw a man’s shoes and a camera hanging over," she said. "I thought, ‘Oh, my god, I’m going to get raped.’ I yelled, ‘Dude, what the hell are you doing?’"

The person ran off after that and when she left the bathroom, there was no sight of him, she said.

The suspect could not be seen, so no physical descriptions were obtained.

A similar incident happened at about 3 p.m. July 23 in the M.D. Anderson Memorial Library on the first floor when a suspect tried to take a video image of a female in the women’s restroom, according to UHPD security alerts.

"We have not had a case like this in the recent past that I can remember," UHPD Capt. Brad Wigtil said.

Both cases are currently under UHPD investigation.

The senior has sent out mass emails about the incident.

"I wanted as many people to know about this, so it can’t happen again," she said. "I just want women to be more aware."

The key is to act immediately, Wigtil said.

"If you feel uncomfortable in a situation, remove yourself (from it) and call us," he said. "Trust your instincts."

For emergencies, call UHPD at (713) 743-3333.

With additional reporting by Ruth Rodriguez

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