New editor looking for new voices

As this semester’s new opinion editor, I wanted to take a moment and give a brief introduction regarding who I am, what I strive to see in this fall’s edition of The Daily Cougar and of course, my quest to locate innovative and unparalleled writers.

A print journalism major, I have been writing for the opinion section of The Daily Cougar for one year and am now more than grateful for taking on the position as an opinion editor. I have always had an affinity for words, not only in the English language, but in other languages as well. Add an inability to resist language and an appreciation of politics, and consequently, my decision for studying journalism as an undergraduate degree made sense. Also, being a Palestinian-American, I’m delighted to work with such a diverse staff of editors and writers who can appreciate America’s blend of versatile cultures and ethnicities.

As for the new students who will soon discover the bleak reality of a daily commute to this campus, do not hesitate to pick up a copy of the paper. In fact, if you can mentally afford to leave your iPods at home and instead read the wonderful commentaries in the opinion section, you will most likely appreciate the trade and just may attain a new craving. I can almost guarantee it. Then when you tell people you have an abnormal craving for reading newspapers, it could possibly be seen in a respectable manner. This is not to say that other addictions such as those to iPods or chronic alcoholism are respectable…but you get the drift.

Certainly with the start of a new semester we always look for ambitious new writers for the opinion section, so anyone interested in potentially working with our great staff feel free to come by the Daily Cougar office in the Communications Building and fill out an application. Great minds and creative voices would be ideal in our search for writers. If you feel you have anything random to spout about, then this is definitely the section for you.

But wait- there is more. Along with the title of an opinion columnist, you can actually brag to your peers that your opinions are formally recognized (and published) in print, rather than venting in a circle of discussion at local bars or cafÈs.

I only hope that our readers can appreciate the voices of our present (and potential) writers, and if you don’t, write us a letter and tell us why because we want to hear what you have to say about what our writers think.

Hammad, opinion editor of The Daily Cougar, can be reached via [email protected].

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