M.D. Anderson Library Trivia Contest

The Daily Cougar and the M.D. Anderson Memorial Library both enjoy a good intellectual challenge. That’s why we’re proud to announce a new biweekly trivia contest developed by the library and intended to get you thinking.

Just write your name and e-mail address on this paper and fill in the blanks with your answers. Upon completion, drop this portion of the newspaper page into the box at the main library information desk.

Answers will be collected until Aug. 30, when one winner will be drawn at random to receive a library prize pack that includes a 2GB flash drive. For complete rules, pick up a rule sheet at the main library information desk.

1. How many time zones are there for North America (that includes Canada, U.S and Mexico)?

Answer: _____________

2. Family scholars Zinn and Eitzen have shown that on average _____ children were born in a colonial American family. (Hint: Try the latest edition of the Encyclopedia of Sociology available in the library)

3. What is the value of the Boltzmann constant in J/K? (Hint: The CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics is a great resource for basic chemical and physical data.)


4. In 1969, this hurricane caused severe damage to coastal communities in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Answer: ______________

5. Knowing that the Standard Industrial Classification code for electric lamps is 3641, find the estimated lamp sales in the U.S. in dollars for 2006.

Answer: ______________

6. How many prime numbers are there between 0 and 100?

Answer: _____________

7. Who was the first scholar that used the term "sociology" to describe "the highest achievement of science, producing knowledge of the laws of the social world equivalent to our knowledge of the laws of nature?" (Hint: A dictionary of sociology will help.)

Answer: _____________

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