Letter to the editor: Keeping the University honest means asking tough questions

I was so proud to see that finally The Daily Cougar started investigating and looking into the workings of professors of this University.†I have been here since 1998 going through my bachelor’s, master’s and now Ph.D., and I do not recall this newspaper ever really taking the time to unmask some of the questionable things that go on at this campus with regards to specific professors.†

I was quickly saddened again when Rasheed Akande reprimanded the SGA President and the newspaper for taking on this thought-provoking issue ("Kasschau’s online text still a better value," Opinion, Thursday). It is our duty to question our institution in order to make it better.†Professors should not be placed on untouchable pedestals even after tenure.

Most of us weren’t around for the civil rights movement or the days when people actually cared and questioned authority and did something about it.†I applaud The Daily Cougar and hope it continues to do some investigative work and expose "the way things have always worked."†

Finally, Akande should not applaud the fact that this online book lets students take quizzes as many times as they want; that just allows for people not to actually learn but to do it until they are lucky to pass and teaches that mediocrity should be a goal at which to aim.†

When we stop questioning and investigating is when we become complacent, and that is dangerous.

Luziris Turi doctoral candidate in U.S. Latino literature

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