Letter to the editor: Some bicyclists make walking a dangerous endeavor

I, like 99 percent of the other people on campus, use the two feet that God gave us to make our way around campus.

For the handful of those that don’t, they resort to riding bicycles. Something that most people don’t realize is that bicycles are supposed to follow the same rules of road as cars.

I’m not saying ban bicycles from our campus. I’m saying let’s put some guidelines in place for those riding bicycles. The UH Police Department’s bike patrol does not seem to have quite the presence that they have had in previous years.

While I don’t fear for my safety from criminals, I fear for the safety of my heels as bikers constantly ride on them and then zip buy, all stealth like, usually startling my nice relaxing walk across our beautiful campus.

Pedestrians have the right away, and maybe the 10 people in front of me who parted like the Red Sea for a guy on his bicycle didn’t realize that. I’m a rebellious and convicted kind of guy who doesn’t mind standing up for things

I believe in, or for what is right and wrong, but I held my ground. When this biker wanted me to walk on the grass for him, and I didn’t move, he scrapped me with his shoulder. He even yelled at me.

All I really ask is that UHPD’s bike patrol does a better job at nabbing bikers who don’t exercise some common sense and courtesy.

John Austin technology junior

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