Couch Potato: Britney spears career

If nothing else, television viewers across the land were subjected to more sleaze than normal this week, which is to be expected when MTV is the chewy center of decadent water-cooler gossip.

Even if you haven’t seen it, you’ve heard about it. You probably even know what "it" refers to. The fact of the matter is Britney Spears’ performance at the MTV Video Music Awards was apparently so incredibly awful that it warranted airtime on news broadcasts – television, radio, Web, what-have-you -from Vegas to Timbuktu. Despite the smart new look, plenty of Kanye West’s attitude and a backstage brawl, we can bet the 7.1 million viewers who tuned in will probably remember the nerve-racked and ill-prepared Spears the most.

Going my way?

Last week, before MTV realized what a horrible mistake they had made asking Spears to open Sunday’s ceremony, the network famous for not playing music videos decided to green light yet another reality program. However, despite it’s being compared to such programs as The Bachelorette, and because it is MTV, they had to take it a step further.

Perhaps the freshest approach to the genre that is constantly looking for the newest angle, A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila takes the elimination format viewers have come to expect and mixed it up a bit. As her approximately 2 million MySpace friends already know, the pocket-sized Vietnamese model proudly touts her bisexuality and will incorporate this into her new show.

Over the course of 10 episodes, Tequila will live with the 32 contestants vying for her affections – half of which are straight men and half of which are lesbians – and whittle them down to one lucky guy or gal. The fun is scheduled to premiere Oct. 9.

Law, order and malfunctions

With the opening of the professional football season Sunday, now is probably the most appropriate time for CBS to formally appeal the hefty sanctions levied after America saw more of Janet Jackson than anyone really wanted to.

After the 2004 Superbowl, the Federal Communications Commission, in its infinite wisdom, slammed a $550,000 fine for the widely publicized "wardrobe malfunction" that apparently offended the pants off of everyone and their grandmother’s dog.

As the partial exposure was limited to maybe a second, the penalty seems a little out of sync, especially in comparison to other stunts and lyrics that were allowed to fly during the half-time show… as well prime time and the public arena at large.

"The FCC’s new zero-tolerance policy has already had a chilling effect on the broadcast industry, particularly with regard to television," CBS lawyer Robert Corn-Revere said.

We continue to see the effects of this seemingly arbitrary crackdown on television’s ethics and morals and it would be a victory for couch potatoes everywhere if CBS came out on top. It’s always refreshing to see something good from CBS.

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