Babysitting made easier for students

College students will have a chance to earn some extra money the old fashioned way: babysitting. While students go through a plethora of odd jobs to pay their way through college, Mommy Mixer is an organization allowing students to have an easily-accessible part time position as a baby sitter.

Any students who are intersted in making money this way can attend a mixer tonight, where they will meet with parents. Instead of a typical interview session, the Mommy Mixers are hosted in a casual atmosphere, taking some pressure off potential employees.

"Students can expect to have the pressure off and enjoy a social way to find a job and see who you really connect with. We have the sitters present themselves – a one minute pitch on their availability, preferences, and experience. Then the moms do the same," CEO and founder of Mommy Mixer Mary Sullivan Cooper said.

Potential sitters have an opportunity to select which families to work with, whether it’s families seeking someone to work 20 hours a week or families who need babysitters for occasional nights and weekends.

"These families know they are hiring college students so they are aware that you have class, but they want to work with you to get the hours you can offer," Cooper said.

Director of Marketing for Mommy Mixer Kathleen Lucente said Mommy Mixer efficiently saves time instead of the daunting task of looking through ads.

"Our mixers have the modern day efficiency of a 1.5 hour event combined with good old-fashioned value found in face-to-face networking," Cooper said.

Dealing with children can be prodigious effort and Cooper believes students that are joining Mommy Mixer can expect to rekindle their childhood ways.

"It gets (students) back into the playful mode of engaging with children, arts and craft, playing ball, helping them with their growth. It’s a nice break from the study and partying campus grind."

Parents seeking care for their children can register at and pay a fee of $100; future mixer events are $75.

Mixers are held in September or October, January or February and then again in May for summer jobs.

"Getting to this mixer in September is key for any student that is serious about landing a fall sitter job in Houston," Cooper stressed.

Cooper, who founded the company in 2003, knows first hand the arduous schedule of a college student since she was a student herself and worked 30 hours a week as a baby sitter.

The University of Texas graduate realized both students and families seeking baby sitters both had a common bond: There was an empty opening and Cooper was confident she could fill it.

The company has branched to more than 22 locations nationwide, including Houston.

Tonight’s Mommy Mixer will start at 7 p.m. at Mind Puddles, 2305 Dunlavy St. For more information, visit

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