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O’Reilly is not a ‘hero,’ nor is Fox ‘balanced’

Armand Jawanmardi’s latest Opinion editorial, "O’Reilly misunderstood by everyone," (Monday), was one of the worst columns I have read in The Daily Cougar. Before reading any further, Jawanmardi will probably dismiss this letter as simply a difference of opinion; however, I do agree that the negative press swamping O’Reilly is unfair and unjust. Even before I read the Opinion column, I thought this. I do not agree, however, that Jawanmardi believes his claim that "a fair and balanced report should be just that."

With multiple sharp swipes at the democratic and liberal mind, Jawanmardi used the Cougar as a soapbox for extreme Republicans. Calling CNN, one of the leading newscasts of the 21st century, an "abysmal" propagandist seems unfair. Referring to O’Reilly as a Republican "hero" and Jawanmardi’s own "second father" seems unbalanced as well.

Yes, I know this is the Opinion section, but to keep any integrity for journalism, this communication student would like to see Jawanmardi practice what he preaches.

Samantha Perkins communication junior

More students should engage in thoughtful debate, discussion

I read both the column on communism by Kristen Griffiths ("Communism: The Best Answer" Opinion, Sept. 25) and the responding letter by Melissa Grosse ("Communism is not the right answer" Opinion, Friday).† It is good to see both, and the many other contributors, make arguments in The Daily Cougar. More students should have and express opinions.†

Ms. Grosse made some good points. However, Ms. Grosse is badly mistaken when she contends that Ms. Griffiths is unqualified to write about communism because her major is architecture. She suggests that Ms. Griffiths (or for that matter, anyone) without formal education in a particular subject cannot give a meaningful opinion on that subject.†

Ms. Grosse is missing the true meaning of a university education – one that should be filled with classroom education and thoughtful reading and discussion. Attending lectures and talks given by students, faculty and visitors and conversing on a diversity of topics with the variety of people who populate the campus are other varieties of enriching experiences that are available to the campus community.†

Students should not attend a university to become an accountant or biologist or artist. They should come to become educated, interesting, informed individuals, such as an architecture major who has opinions on government.

My compliments to both young women for sharing their thoughts. I only wish The Daily Cougar were inundated with students’ columns and letters.†We need to shake off the apathy that blankets much of our campus.

Lawrence R. Williams, Ph. D. instructional associate professor Department of Biology and Biochemistry

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