Letter to the editor: Except for his T-shirts, Che Guevara accomplished nothing

Sousan Hammad’s column ("Remembering the death and life of Che," Opinion, Tuesday) is wrong about Che Guevara. Just to nit-pick, let me point out that I seriously doubt anyone in the Bush administration loves Guevara.

Also, my understanding is Bolivian soldiers, not "CIA agents," executed Guevara, though they might have had a hand in capturing the murderous revolutionary since they turned him over to the Bolivian authorities.

I knew a Cuban family when I lived in Florida in the 1970s. Nice folks.†They hated Castro. They despised Guevara and shuddered at his memory. One of the family members, Mr. Russo, was a close friend of my father’s and told him things I didn’t learn until I grew up. What a horrible, horrible regime.

They stole everything the Russo’s had worked so hard for, tortured and murdered his friends and family and turned his beloved Cuba into a hellhole. This is Guevara’s legacy – oh yes, and the fact that he sells T-shirts, which in my opinion is his only redeeming quality.

Don Johnson Boiler Operator UH Power Plant

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