Report Card frowns on erroneous vetoes, racism

Bush vows to veto children’s health bill again: F

The Senate took another step toward providing health care for lower-income children when it passed the children’s health bill on a 64-30 vote.

President Bush has promised to veto the $35 billion expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program a second time after he vetoed the original version of the bill last month.

Last week, the house passed the bill, but did not meet the two-thirds majority needed to overrule the veto, coming up just 13 votes shy.

Congress’ second attempt at the bill effectively tells Bush and America that the cause will not go down without a fight.

But if Bush follows through with his veto threat, the effort will not be enough to help the sick, destitute children who would benefit from the expansion the most.

Dog the Bounty Hunter uses the N-word: F

Duane "Dog" Chapman, the star of A’E’s hit show Dog the Bounty Hunter, used the racial epithet repeatedly during a phone conversation with his son that was recorded and sold to the National Enquirer.

In the conversation clip posted online, Chapman urged his son to break up with his girlfriend and used the slur in reference to her.

Chapman apologized on Wednesday saying he was ashamed of himself and pledged to repair any damage he had caused.

A’E has suspended production on the reality series until further notice.

On his show, the Bounty Hunter constantly preaches forgiveness and second chances while capturing and taking in fugitives.

Dog is a public figure and should know better than to use such hateful language, even when he thinks that no one is listening.

For Chapman’s sake, the public should take a lesson from one of his shows and offer him a second chance.

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