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Friday, December 1, 2023


Cafe brings the tastes of Italy to Houston

Where do you go when you’√Ñ√¥re tired of regular old ice cream? Gelato Blu offers a nice alternative in Houston. The cafe serves authentic gelato, which is Italian ice cream. Along with hundreds of flavors of Gelato, Gelato Blu also has a large variety of coffee’√Ñ√Æ another Italian favorite ‘√Ñ√Æ along with Belgian waffles.

One of the first things visitors will notice is the patio, which features small tables reminiscent of European cafes. The interior houses more of these tables along with leather seats and a television that displays international programming, such as soccer games from the Italian leagues that begin soon.

Gelato Blu owner Chuck Irwin lived in Italy for a year, so he tried to make the cafe as true to Italian locales as possible.

Of course, the most important thing about the cafe is the quality of the gelato. The flavors include a diverse mix of Italian classics, such as Dulce de Leche (caramel), American-inspired favorites such as Cookie Monster (a mix of cookie dough-style ice cream and Oreo cookies) and other original creations.

One of the originals that stand out is Michelangelo, a specialty made by Irwin that features ricotta cheese, figs and caramel. The name of this flavor derives from the historic Italian Renaissance painter who had his work censored with fig leaves.

Irwin also creates original flavors with more common ingredients, such as a new flavor made with coconut Almond Joy bars and vanilla. Irwin brings in new flavors daily from his warehouse and often rotates in different assortments of gelato and sorbet. The sizes include small, large, medium and pint, the latter being equivalent to two larges making it quite a bargain. And if you can’√Ñ√¥t make up your mind when choosing your flavor, you have the option to choose half of one flavor and half of another.

There are also a large variety of coffees served daily, such as the common favorites, espresso, caf?© latte and cappuccino. There are also lesser-known drinks, such as the Maccha Latte. To ensure the authenticity, everything from the espresso machine to the coffee beans, and even the cups and glasses, are imported from Italy.

Complementing the coffee, the Belgian waffles are a great choice for breakfast, which patrons can snag as early as 7 a.m. The waffle maker is authentic as well, as it is imported from Belgium. For those who want to be extravagant, the Delicisio waffle is the perfect choice. It’√Ñ√¥s a Belgian waffle with a scoop of gelato of your of choice.

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