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At Issue: Will the Patriots go undefeated now that the Colts are out of the way?

The only cameras around are on the Pats

by Chief Achilefu

Can any of you honestly say with a straight face that the Patriots are going to lose? I know I can’t. You may not like them, but you’ve got to admit they’re damn good. We might be looking at the greatest offensive juggernauts of all time and their defense isn’t too shabby either. It’s obvious head coach Bill Belichick has used the overly talked about "spygate" to motivate his team. Also, with the bye week coming directly after the most emotionally charged game of the season, Brady and company have time to rest up before playing teams that have a combined 24-33 record.

Grade: F

No contest against men of Steele

Ronnie Turner

I’ll go against the status quo and say "NO." Sunday’s game convinced me that the Patriots are the NFL’s best team, but that’s about it.

I’ve thought for much of the season that the "Brady Bunch" would struggle against a superb pass defense and they did for the first three quarters of Sunday’s game. Brady found his rhythm in the fourth quarter to help the Patriots erase a 10-point deficit, but it was a close call.

The Patriots will meet the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 14, and that’s when they’ll lose their first game. The Steelers are tops in the league in scoring defense (12.2 points per game), total defense (237.8 yards per game), passing defense (161.8 ypg), and are fourth in rushing defense (76 ypg). And plus, the Steelers can score (27.8 ppg).

The Patriots will just have to settle for 15-1.

Grade: A

It’s pronounced ‘chowda’

Scott Gonzalez

It’s very unlikely… that I’m going to say the Patriots will lose a game this season. That would be like Judge Dredd talking bad about the Dolphins, it’s just not going to happen. The Pats will win out.

The Steelers will be a tough matchup in week 14, but the toughest match-ups may be toward the end of the season.

In week 16 the Pats play the lowly Dolphins, who will want to beat the Patriots more than any other team, not only to stop them from joining them in the ranks of the only unbeaten teams in NFL history, but because they don’t want to go 0-16.

To close the season, the Pats will play the Giants who will be fighting for playoff contention. It will be up to Belichick to decide how long to let his starters play in a game that will mean nothing by then.

Grade: F

When you’re walking down the hall and your pants begin to fall

Judge Dredd

The Patriots will lose this season. Judge Dredd admits they are the best team in the NFL and are head and shoulders above the competition, but some things are just meant to be.

The perfect season will seem well in hand for a 15-0 Patriots team when they play Miami in week 16, but then something supernatural will happen. The evil spirit of the ’72 Dolphins will infiltrate the Patriots locker room, and enter the body of an unsuspecting Wes Welker. The possessed Welker will bake Tom Brady a batch of brownies. The main ingredient will be Ex-Lax. Brady, being the great teammate he is will give a brownie to each of his offensive linemen, but will save the largest one for himself.

With the Patriots’ offense sabotaged, the Dolphins will take the win, thus preserving the lineage of the all-powerful ’72 Dolphins.

The winner: Ronnie

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