Staff Editorial: New food choices impressive, but not enough

The Student Government Association passed a resolution on Oct. 3 calling for diversified campus dining options and hours. And after a month of speaking with University officials, students expected more choices, and instead only one additional meal option is available.

Although it’s understandable such resolutions take time for results to pan out, and the SGA would have to push the University to reconsider its contract with Aramark, the students deserve more than just a microwaveable option that is advertised with a flimsy sign in the University Center’s C Store.

In the resolution, the SGA points out three areas where the University is lacking in its dining options: providing healthier options, increasing the amount of breakfast options, working to offer Halal and Kosher options. The resolution asks that the Food Service and Advisory Committee be authorized to review the hours of operations of campus dining facility operations.

Out of those four options, the SGA has worked tediously to provide one Halal and Kosher product called My Own Meal.

Great. Where’s the rest?

SGA has made some change with this resolution, which is great, but for the students’ sake, they shouldn’t stop there. And for the other sections, they should aim higher.

If the C Store starts to sell celery, that’s really not enough to satisfy the "providing healthier options" section either. Why not talk to the existing vendors on campus so they can provide Halal and Kosher meals so students can eat something that is not microwaveable – which is really not that healthy in the first place.

It also seems odd that this one section is so specifically geared to one demographic. It’s understandable that a demand is needed for Halal and Kosher foods, but the SGA should be tackling bigger monsters first – solving problems that affect a larger campus population.

Again, it’s great that the students have seen some progress, but it’s not enough for the SGA senators to provide it as an example of how the resolution is moving forward.

In the resolution, the SGA states "the University stands as one of the most diverse campuses in the nation and serves individuals from a variety of cultures, faiths and backgrounds," but yet it does not detail what other plans they have in store to serve this diverse population.

If the only change is a product that can only serve a small demographic, then again, it’s not really much of a step forward.

The efforts are admirable, but not enough.

The SGA needs to think bigger, act larger and push harder. It’s the only way for students to really get the food options they deserve.

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