Couch Potato: Writers’ strike, YouTube debates still in the limelight

Enter TV Land at your own risk. The now well-publicized writers’ strike seems to be taking its toll on our favorite medium, leaving in its path tired reruns or dismal attempts at extem-porization at just about every turn.

We all share a strange sense of doom, but, apparently, the show must go on.

GOP meets the 21st century

Nearly half a year ago, the Democrats did something pretty innovative by bringing the debate to YouTube and, by extension, the nation’s thoughtful youth. Now we’re here in November, and the Republicans are just preparing to air their slightly less novel YouTube debate, which you can see Nov. 28 on CNN.

Last week’s dismal youth-voter turnout seems reason enough to give the young constituency a strong push in the direction of the nearest video camera. (Be careful, ladies.) The debate has no fodder unless we send in topical, thoughtful questions for the candidates to address.

YouTube offers the following helpful hints:

Be original.

Be personal.

Choose you focus.

Keep it quick.

Make it look good.

Provide context.

Observe terms of use.

I was hoping it wouldn’t come down to this, but, if you need more incentive to participate in the election process and fulfill your most sacred duty as an American citizen, know this: Anderson Cooper will be hosting. I hope that’s reason enough.

Submissions will be accepted through Nov. 25 and more information can be found at

Homesick and hungry

For some, November’s only debate is turkey versus ham. The anticipation is almost too much to bear for Thanks-givers across the land.

As the semester begins to wind down our thoughts begin to turn toward pumpkin pie and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade when we should be putting all our attention toward passing those finals. The Food Network isn’t making it any easier. With programming guaranteed to make viewers eyes several times larger than their stomachs, the channel’s "Let’s Talk Turkey" tour de force is brutal. You will still tune in, however, even though you can already feel your arteries clogging and your pants tightening.

Crazy for Conan

The priest accused of and arrested for stalking late night talk show host – and former Jay Leno replacement – Conan O’Brien has been found after having been reported missing Saturday. The Rev. David Ajemian is now undergoing psychic evaluation at a mental facility. The fiery red hair and ghostly complexion makes them priests go loco. At least, this time, it wasn’t a 12 year old.

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